Sunday, 5 January 2020

Six for Sunday

Hello, Hello my lovelies.

Today I thought I'd join in with a weekly meme hosted by alittlebutalot called #sixforSunday.
Each week Steph gives a prompt to answer. I'm hoping to do as many as I can so fingers crossed.

S4S Jan 2019 week 1

So the prompt this week is Six Bookish Resolutions.

1. Read more!
This term, my work load has been huge. Although I'm a teacher in a 2 form entry school, we haven't been able to share the planning or any organisation so it has all been for me to do. To say I've been shattered is an understatement; so I've slacked off with my reading a fair bit. I always read before bed but being so tired I've been falling asleep really quickly. So this term, with fingers crossed and a good wind, things will change at work so I SHOULD be able to read more. I will continue to read before bed (a habit since I was little) but also have a bath most nights so I can read there plus I'm going to download audible (are there any other audio book apps?) so I can listen in my car whilst I drive to work. It's a 45 minute journey each way so I should get through a lot just with that alone.

2. Keep up a reading journal
As I mentioned in a different blog post a couple of days ago, I ventured into bullet journalling before. Whilst I absolutely loved it, having to draw the spreads every week became tiresome. So, I was bought a planner by my lovely TA for Christmas which is already filled in for organising my weeks and have decided to start a reading journal. It will be plain and simple so easy to maintain ... hopefully. Watch this space!
You can read my blog post here.

3. Spend less time on Twitter
I don't know about you but I just love Twitter. You can connect with so many wonderful people. To be honest, I'm more of a lurker and would love to be more active but I'm not outgoing enough. Anyway, if I spend less time on Twitter, I will have more time to read!

4. Read for pleasure
I run a KS2 book club at school and is something I am passionate about but I need to remember that for myself. I want to read what I want to when I want to and because I enjoy it; not because I  can see everyone else in Twitter land is (Twitter has a lot to answer for lol).

5.Do more NetGalley reviews
Whilst I've just talked about reading what I want, I also want to write more reviews. However, I've got to stop picking every single book and not getting to them and just start requesting those I actually want.

6. Become an aficionado in middle grade books
OK so this is just a fun resolution but there are just so many good middle grade authors out there that I feel like I should know about every single book published or going to be published. I know this isn't possible but I can keep my expectations high!

So there we have it. My #SixforSunday. I hope you enjoyed reading them and maybe feel inspired to join in too.

Happy reading,

Allison x

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