Friday, 3 January 2020

Reading Journal

Hello hello my lovelies,

Do you keep track of the books you've read? I used to just have a little notebook that I would write the name and author for each month and then tot the number of books up at the end of the year,

This year I've decided to enter into the bullet journal world. I've tried bullet journalling (not for books) before but whilst I absolutely loved it, having to make the spreads each month got tiresome and I gave up.

So for my reading journal I've decided to keep it plain and simple. This meets my needs easily and shouldn't be too hard to maintain. We'll see!

So let's have a little look inside. I have an index as well but I didn't photograph that. 

As you can see, I haven't filled this in yet. I'm going to start it from January 1st so have 1 book to add here. I just have columns for the date I finished the book, title and author plus my rating.

Next up is books on my kindle. I started filling this in last night but haven't finished yet. This is literally just the title and author. As you can see, I've written each book in a different colour. I just love paper books but unfortunately my eyesight isn't that brilliant. I've had a cornea transplant in both of my eyes. I can drive and work absolutely fine, but if I'm reading in bed with a bedside lamp, I just can't see the text well enough. If I read a book on my kindle and love it, I'll buy the book to keep on my shelf. I have a kindle paperwhite as it has a back light and I can control the brightness plus I can also enlarge the text size.

Next up is my NetGalley reviews. Obviously I can read the reviews I've written on NetGalley too so for this spread I've just got columns for the title, author, fiction or non-fiction, a quick comment and a rating.

This is my wish list. This needs A LOT of filling out!

Now I have 2 spreads. On the left is my GoodReads challenge. I only set a challenge of 12, which I should easily meet. I'm one of those people that needs to either meet a goal or go flying past it to be motivated. If I don't meet it, I loose interest.

On the right is a simple layout I've done for a book review. I will just copy this page out.

I also have a quotes page after these.

I'll try to remember to show inside every couple of months or so , so you can see how it develops.

So there you have it. What do you do? I'd love to see yours and read about them too.

Happy reading,

Allison x

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